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it aroseIt baffles description.It beats me how he managed to
it befallsit befellIt beggars description.
It beggars description.It beggars description.it behoves sb. to do sth.
it blew awayit bloomsit blows away
it boiledit boilsIt boils all down to the fact
it burnedit burnsit burst
it burst asunderit burstsit bursts asunder
It came just at the right timeIt came to nothing.It cannot be denied.
it cannot be gainsaidIt casts doubt on our credibilit caused
it causesit chippedit chips
it cloyedit cloysit consisted
it consistsIT consultingit contained
it containsIt convenes with my plans.it corresponded
it correspondsit costit costs
It costs a tidy bit (of money)It could not have been worse.It cramps my style.
it cropped upit crops upIt crossed my mind.
it dependsIt depends largely upon you.It depends.
It did me good.it differedit differs
it disintegratedit disintegratesIt does not make any differenc
it driftedit driftsit drizzled
it drizzlesit emulsifiedit emulsifies
it encompassedit encompassesit engenders
it entailedit entailsIt entails the whole stream of
It escaped my notice.it existedit exists
it failsit falls outit fell out
it fermentedit fermentsit figures
It fits like a glove.It follows that ...it frayed
it fraysit fuzzedit fuzzes
it galls me that ...it gets mouldyIt gives me the creeps.
It gives me the willies.It goes against the grain for it goes off
it goes onit goes outIt goes right through me.
it goes through a crisisIt goes to show that ...it got mouldy
It got quite cold.It grew cold.it grilled
it grillsit had an effectIt happened right in front of
it happenedit happensIt has (now) finally sunk in!
it has an effectIt has been a head scratcher fit has been proven that ...
It has been the subject of greIt has finally sunk in.It has just become a habit.
It has not been proved-proven It has not failed to leave itsIt has something to be said fo
it has-had amountedit has-had arisenit has-had arisen
it has-had been cancelledit has-had been of useit has-had been related
it has-had been taken placeit has-had been thrown upit has-had been valid
it has-had boiledit has-had burnedit has-had burst
it has-had causedit has-had changed suddenlyit has-had chipped
it has-had cloyedit has-had consistedit has-had corresponded
it has-had costit has-had cropped upit has-had differed
it has-had disintegratedit has-had drizzledit has-had emulsified
it has-had encompassedit has-had existedit has-had failed
it has-had fallen outit has-had fermentedit has-had frayed
it has-had gone offit has-had gone onit has-had gone out
it has-had happenedit has-had healed (up)it has-had increased
it has-had loopedit has-had meltedit has-had miscarried
it has-had pertainedit has-had pertained toit has-had pertained to
it has-had pouredit has-had reboundedit has-had related
it has-had resulted init has-had rottenedit has-had rubbed
it has-had runit has-had smoulderedit has-had snowed
it has-had soundedit has-had steepenedit has-had stopped
it has-had stungit has-had supportedit has-had swollen
it has-had tastedit has-had thawedit has-had ticked
it has-had toughenedit has-had toughenedit has-had vaporized
it has-had wound itselfit healed (up)it heals (up)
It holds many dangers.It hurts like hell.it increased
it increasesIt is a (complete) mystery to It is a long time ago, to be s
It is a millstone around my neIt is a mistake to assume thatIt is a punishable offence ...
It is a sight.It is about time!It is about time!
It is absurd to ...It is all wrong.It is apt to rain in ...
it is based onIt is better to be the hammer it is characterized by
It is cloudy.it is disgusting how-that ...
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