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it is due to (the fact that)It is enough to put you to sleIt is entirely possible.
It is everything I have wishedIt is foggy.it is for this reason
it is foreseeable that ...It is frightfully boring.It is hailing.
It is herit is in actual fact impossiblIt is in the nature of things.
It is incontestable that ...It is incumbent upon him ...It is just putting us off unti
it is known that there are ...It is little surprise ...It is more or less a matter of
It is my turn.It is necessary to boil the waIt is no joke!
It is no joke.It is none of my doing.It is not a case of winning or
It is not convenient for me.It is not done.It is not enough to adjust a f
It is not for me to judge her.It is not worth the trouble.It is notable that ...
It is now well known that ...it is of useit is of vital importance
It is out of the question.It is preposterous to ...It is probably just a mistake.
It is quite correct.It is really great-perfect weaIt is really ridiculous.
it is relatedit is reportedIt is required ...
It is rumored thatit is saidit is spitting (with rain)
It is striking to note that ..It is strongly suspected that it is subject to
It is sunny.it is synchronizedIt is thanks to him that ...
it is the convention to do sthIt is the custom.It is the same with me, too.
it is thrown upIt is time to end the blame gait is to be regretted
it is validIt is well-nigh time you come It is windy.
It is within your own discretiit is written that ...It is you
it is-was consolidatedit is-was crochetedit is-was intended
it is-was saltedit is-was succeededIt just fell into his lap.
it lackedit lacksIt lacks any rationale.
It lacks substance.It leads to nowhere.It leaves me cold.
It left me speechless.It lies with you to do it.It looks like rain.
It looks that way.it loopedit loops
It made me cry.It made my spine tingle.It makes an appreciable differ
It makes me sick just thinkingIt makes me sick.It makes no odds.
It makes no sense.it manifests itself (in)It marked the beginning of a w
It matters.It may be too late.It may-might be true.
It means a lot to me.It means a lot to me.it means in effect
it meltedit meltsit miscarried
it miscarriesIt never entered my head (thouIt occurred to me that ...
It occurred to me.It occurs to me that ...It offends my eye.
It only remains for me to add It only seems like it.It opened up a whole new world
it overtakesit overtookIt peeved me that ...
It pelted with rain.it pertainedit pertained to
it pertained toit pertainsit pertains to
it pertains toIt pleases me.it poured
it poursit premieredIt raised a few eyebrows when
it ranit reboundedit rebounds
it relatedit relatesIt remains to be seen.
it resulted init resultsit results in
It rings true.it rotsit rotted
it rubbedit rubsit runs
It runs in the blood.it seemedIt seemed never-ending.
it seemsit seems as if ...it seems incongruous that ...
it seems that ...It seems to me eminently reasoIt seems to me that ...
It sends cold shivers up and dIt serves no purpose.it silted
it siltsIt smells strangely.it smelted
it smeltsit smoulderedit smoulders
it snowedit snowsit so happened
It sold for a whopping 3 milliit soundedit sounds
it sounds likeit sounds likeIT specialist
IT specialistsIt spoiled our day.It spread like wildfire.
It stands to reason.it stingsIt stinks to high heaven.
it stoppedit stopsit storms
It struck me right away.it stungit subserved
it subservesit succeededit succeeds
It sucks big time.It sucks.it supports
it supportsit suppuratedit suppurates
it surfacedit surfacedit swarmed
it swarmsit swelledit swills
It switches itself off.It takes a lot of time.It takes ages.
It takes courage.it takes placeIt takes some time for the tru
It takes some-a lot of chutzpaIt takes two to tango
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