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Majuro (capital of the Marshalmajusculemajuscules
makeMake a left turn!make contact
Make haste!Make it short!Make it snappy!
Make no mistake about it ...!Make the most of it!Make three copies!
make timeMake way!Make yourself at home!
Make yourself at home!Make yourself comfortable!make-up
make-up air hoodmake-up air hoodsmake-up air system
make-up air systemsmake-up air unitmake-up air
make-up artistmake-up artistmake-up artists
make-up artistsmake-up jarmake-up jars
make-up mirrormake-up remover padmake-up table
make-up tablesmake-upmake
makermakesmakes a mistake
makes a slipmakes clearmakes difficult
makes enemies ofmakes flourishesmakes happy
makes insecuremakes musicmakes noise
makes permanentmakes pregnantmakes progress
makes progressmakes smallermakes sure
makes up formakes worsemakes young again
makeshiftmakeshiftmakeshift bridge
makeshift sheltermakeshiftsmakespan
making (up)making a call onmaking a diagnosis
making a gesturemaking a journeymaking a mess
making a mistakemaking a noisemaking a note of
making a slipmaking a substitutionmaking a will
making absulatemaking amendsmaking believe
making certainmaking clearmaking clear
making cloudymaking desolatedmaking difficult
making distinctionsmaking dynamicmaking enemies of
making excusesmaking flourishesmaking fun of
making funmaking generalizationsmaking happy
making insecuremaking knownmaking leeway
making money out ofmaking musicmaking noise
making noisemaking of profitsmaking off
making oneself upmaking outmaking out
making outmaking paymentmaking permanent
making pregnantmaking progressmaking progress
making provisionmaking sb. look like a foolmaking sb. shy
making smallermaking stupidmaking sure
making tiredmaking upmaking up
making up formaking up formaking up for
making up the balancemaking upmaking worse
making young againmakingmaking
makingsMalabar Grey HornbillMalabar Parakeet
Malabar Pied HornbillMalabar TrogonMalabar Whistling Thrush
Malabo (capital of Equatorial malabsorptionmalachite green
Malachite Kingfishermalachitemalacon
maladymaladyMalagasy Heron
Malagasy Marsh HarrierMalagasy Pond Heronmalaise
Malaita HoneyeaterMalaita Rufous FantailMalaita White-eye
malaproposmalariamalaria mosquito
malaria mosquitosmalarialMalawi (mw)
Malawi BatisMalawianMalawian
Malay Eagle OwlMalay Fish OwlMalay Goldfinch
Malay HoneyguideMalay Peacock-PheasantMalay Rail Babbler
MalayMalayan Whistling ThrushMalayan
Malaysia (my)MalaysianMalaysian
Malaysian CochoaMalaysian Night HeronMalaysian Nightjar
Malaysian NiltavaMalaysian Sand PloverMalaysian Tree Pie
Malaysian trumpet snailMaldives (mv)male
maleMale (capital of Maldives)
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