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to naturalizeto nauseateto nauseate
to navigateto navigateto navigate
to nearto neatento necessitate
to needto need a restto need not
to need surgeryto need to be further improvedto needle
to negateto neglectto neglect
to neglectto neglect sb.to negotiate
to negotiateto negotiateto negotiate (about
to negotiate (on)to negotiate the conditions ofto neigh
to neighbourto nerveto nest
to nestto nestleto nestle (to)
to nestle againstto netto nettle
to networkto neuterto neutralize
to neutralizeto nibbleto nibble
to nibble at-on sth.to nibble offto nick
to nickel-plateto niggleto niggle
to niggleto nipto nip
to nip offto nip sth. in the budto nip things in the bud
to nitpickto nitrateto nitrify
to nixto nixto no avail
to no purposeto nodto nod off
to nod offto nod toto noise sth. about
to nominalizeto nominateto nominate
to nonplusto nonplusto noodle over sth.
to noodle overto nooseto normalize
to normalize (relations)to normalizeto nose around
to nose outto nosediveto not know what to make of sb
to not set much store by sth.to notarizeto notch
to notchto noteto note
to note downto note downto notice
to noticeto noticeto notice sth.
to notice sth. with satisfactito notifyto notify
to notifyto notifyto notify
to nourishto nourishto novate
to novate (obligation)to nowhereto nudge
to nudgeto nuketo nullify
to nullifyto nullifyto numb
to numberto numberto number consecutively (from
to nurseto nurseto nurse
to nurse sb.to nurse so. back to healthto nurture
to nurtureto nurtureto nuzzle
to o astrayto obeyto obey
to obey sb.to obfuscateto obfuscate
to objectto object toto object to
to objectifyto objurgateto obligate
to obligeto obligeto obliterate
to obliterateto obliterateto obliterate
to obscureto obscureto observe
to observeto obsessto obstruct
to obstruct the lightto obtainto obtain
to obtainto obtainto obtain
to obtain an injunctionto obtain authorizationto obtain by fraud
to obtain sth. by fraudto obtain sth. for sb.to obtain sth. through hard wo
to obtrudeto obviateto obviate
to occasionto occludeto occlude
to occupyto occupyto occupy
to occupy (with)to occupy a houseto occur
to occur at regular intervalsto off-loadto offend
to offendto offend against etiquetteto offer
to offerto offerto offer a price
to offer a reward (for)to offer as a reward forto offer evidence
to offer firmto offer resistanceto offer resistance
to offer sb. sth.to offer securityto offer subject to confirmati
to offer to do sth.to offer toto officially state sth.
to officiateto offsetto offset
to ogleto oilto oil
to oil oneselfto okay
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