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to okayto oldento omit
to omitto omitto omit to ...
to omit to do sth.to ontologizeto oouze out
to oozeto oozeto ooze away
to ooze outto oozeto open
to opento opento open
to open (an account)to open (close) the meetingto open (up)
to open a bank accountto open a bookto open a business
to open a fairto open an exhibitionto open fire on sb.
to open on toto open the door slightlyto open to traffic
to open upto open upto open up
to open up by drillingto open wide (eyesto open
to operateto operateto operate
to operate under a certain namto operateto operate
to operateto operationalizeto opine
to opposeto opposeto oppose sth.
to oppose sth.to oppressto oppress
to oppressto optto opt (between)
to opt (forto optimalizeto optimize
to orateto orbitto orchestrate
to orchestrate a media circus to ordainto ordain
to ordain sb. priestto orderto order
to orderto order aboutto order an offence
to order awayto order some moreto order
to organize a fairto organizeto organize
to orient oneselfto orientto originate
to originateto originateto originate (in)
to originate from a countryto originate from sb.to ornament
to oscillateto oscillateto osculate
to ossifyto ossifyto ostracise
to ostracizeto ostracizeto our fullest satisfaction
to oustto oustto oust sb. from his job
to oust sb. from his positionto oust sb. from powerto oust the government from po
to oust the president from powto out sb.to outbalance
to outbidto outbraveto outclass
to outclass so.to outcompeteto outcrop
to outcropto outdistanceto outdo
to outdoto outfaceto outface
to outfightto outflankto outfox
to outgasto outgoto outgo
to outgoto outgrowto outgrow
to outhouseto outlastto outlaw
to outlaw sb.to outlineto outline-unveil-present a pl
to outlineto outlineto outlive
to outmaneuverto outnumberto outpace
to outperformto outplayto output
to outrageto outrageto outrange
to outrank (sb.)to outreachto outreach
to outreachto outreach sth.to outrun
to outsellto outshineto outshine
to outsmartto outsmartto outsource
to outstretchto outstripto outstrip
to outvoteto outwearto outweigh
to outwitto overactto overact
to overaweto overbalanceto overbear
to overbidto overbidto overboil
to overbookto overbuildto overburden
to overburnto overbuyto overcall
to overcastto overchargeto overcharge
to overchargeto overclockto overclock a processor
to overcloudto overcometo overcome a difficulty
to overcometo overcometo overcompensate
to overcropto overcrowdto overcrust
to overdevelopto overdoto overdose
to overdoseto overdrawto overdress
to overdriveto overeatto overemphasize
to overestimateto overexceed
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