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to pre-emptto preachto preach to the converted
to prearrangeto precedeto precede
to precedeto precedeto precess
to precipitateto precipitateto precipitate
to precipitateto precipitateto precipitate the ruin
to precipitateto precludeto preclude sth.
to preconceiveto preconceiveto precook
to predateto predeceaseto predefine
to predefine data structuresto predestinateto predestine
to predeterminateto predetermineto predetermine
to predicate (of)to predicate (on)to predicate (on
to predicate on certain conditto predictto predispose
to predominateto predunkto preempt
to preento preen oneselfto preexist
to prefabricateto preface (with)to prefer
to preferto prefigureto prefigure
to prefixto preformto preformat
to preheatto prejudgeto prejudice
to prejudiceto prejudiceto preload
to preludeto premeditateto premiere
to prenegotiateto preoccupyto preoccupy
to preordainto preorderto prepackage
to prepareto prepareto prepare
to prepare a draft forto prepare forto prepare oneself for sth.
to prepare oneselfto prepare the foodto prepare
to prepayto prepayto prepend
to preponderateto prepossessto preprocess
to prerecordto preregisterto presage
to prescribeto prescribeto prescribe
to preselectto presentto present
to present a decision for apprto present in detailto present itself
to present itselfto present sb. with the billto present
to presentto preserveto preserve
to preserveto presetto preshrink
to presideto presideto presort
to pressto pressto press
to pressto press afterto press ahead with
to press downto press forwardto press hard
to press into press onto press out the juice
to press sb. (on)to press sth. on so.to press the button
to press togetherto pressto pressurize
to pressurizeto pressurizeto prestore
to prestressto presumeto presume
to presumeto presume (from)to presume to do sth.
to presupposeto pretendto pretend
to pretend not to hearto pretend to be asleepto pretend to be ill
to pretend to be sillyto pretestto pretreat
to prettifyto prevailto prevail
to prevail (againstto prevaricateto prevent
to preventto prevent conflicts from becoto prevent
to prey (on)to prey (onto prey
to priceto priceto prick
to prickto prick all overto prick in
to prick outto prick outto prick
to prickto pride oneself on sth.to prime
to primeto primeto print
to print outto prioritizeto prise sth. open
to prise sth. outto privatizeto privilege
to privilegeto prizeto prize sth. highly
to probateto probeto probe
to proceedto proceedto proceed further
to proceedto processto process
to processto process an orderto proclaim
to procrastinateto procreateto proctor
to proctorizeto procureto procure abortion
to procure all licensesto prodto prod to
to produceto produce
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