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to pull overto pull overto pull over
to pull sb. to piecesto pull so. throughto pull sth. to pieces
to pull stringsto pull the plugto pull the plug
to pull the stringsto pull the stringsto pull the trigger
to pull throughto pull togetherto pull together in a hurry
to pull togetherto pull togetherto pull up
to pull upto pull upto pull up
to pull upto pull up (at)to pull up short
to pull-lift a team out of theto pulpto pulp
to pulpto pulsateto pulsate
to pulseto pulverizeto pummel
to pumpto pump dryto pump iron
to pump outto pump upto pun (on
to punchto punchto punch
to punchto punchto punch (the ball)
to punchto punchto punctuate
to punctuateto punctureto punish (for)
to puntto puntto punt
to punt the ballto pupateto purchase
to purchaseto purchaseto purchase
to purchaseto pureeto purge
to purgeto purifyto purify
to purlto purlointo purport
to purpose sth.to purrto purr
to purseto purseto pursue
to pursueto pursueto pursue
to pursue a policyto pursue a targetto pursue sb.
to purveyto pushto push
to pushto pushto push
to pushto pushto push a child on a swing
to push aheadto push asideto push away
to push awayto push backto push for answer
to push for sth.to push forwardto push forward
to push into push into push off
to push offto push onto push open
to push sb.-sth.to push sth. on the stackto push the envelope
to push the limitsto push towardsto push underneath
to push up pricesto push up the daisiesto push up too far-high
to push-startto pushupto pussyfoot
to pussyfoot aroundto put (clamp) the lid on sth.to put a (big) question mark o
to put a bandage on sb.to put a bill throughto put a ceiling on sth.
to put a full stopto put a hat on a hento put a jerk in it
to put a notice upto put a preservation order onto put a question mark
to put a squiggly line under .to put a stalled project back to put a strain on sb.
to put a tourniquet onto put a veto on sth.to put about
to put aboutto put acrossto put across
to put afterto put againstto put ahead as condition
to put an apron onto put an embargo on sth.to put an end to a deplorable
to put asideto put asideto put aside
to put awayto put awayto put away (in file)
to put awayto put awayto put away
to put awayto put backto put back
to put backto put back on its feetto put by
to put clean sheets on the bedto put crosswiseto put down
to put downto put downto put down a buoy
to put down the receiverto put downto put down
to put downto put false colors upon sb.to put forth
to put forward an opinionto put forward sth.to put forward-advance an opin
to put fresh linen onto put into put in
to put into put into put in
to put into put in a bad moodto put in a claim for damages
to put in a crossto put in a disclaimer of sth.to put in a good word for
to put in a good word to sb. fto put in orderto put in order
to put in trainto put insideto put inside
to put into another bedto put into careto put into interim storage
to put into operationto put into practiceto put into practice
to put into quarantineto put into rhyme
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