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to refer back toto refer for decisionto refer to
to refer toto refer toto refer to
to refer toto refer to sb.to referee
to refereeto referenceto refill
to refinanceto refineto refine
to refineto refineto refire
to refitto refitto reflect
to reflectto reflectto reflect (on)
to reflect uponto refloatto reflourish
to reflowto refocusto refold
to reforestto reformto reform sb.
to reformatto reformatto reformat
to reformulateto refoundto refract
to refrainto refrain fromto refrain from
to refrain from laughingto refreezeto refresh
to refreshto refresh oneself (with)to refrigerate
to refuelto refundto refund money
to refurbishto refurbishto refurbish
to refurnishto refuseto refuse
to refuseto refuse a claimto refuse a request
to refuse access to sth.to refuse an offerto refuse an office
to refuse bluntlyto refuse point-blankto refuse sb. admittance (to)
to refuse sb. entry (admissionto refuse sth. bluntlyto refuse to accept
to refuse to believe sth.to refuteto regain
to regainto regaleto regale
to regale (onto regale sb. with funny storito regard
to regard oneselfto regard with suspicionto regather
to regenerateto regenerateto regenerate
to regenerateto regerminateto register
to registerto register with the policeto regive
to regressto regressto regret
to regretto regret the absence of sb.to regrind
to regroupto regrowto regularize
to regulate the trafficto regulateto regulate
to regurgitateto rehabilitateto rehandle
to rehangto rehashto rehash
to rehearseto rehearse sth.to reheat
to reheatto rehireto reify
to reign (over)to reigniteto reimburse
to reimburse for deferred paymto reimburseto reimpress
to reincarnateto reincorporateto reinduce
to reinfectto reinflameto reinforce
to reinforce (an opinion)to reinforceto reinform
to reinfuseto reinitializeto reinitialize
to reinoculateto reinsertto reinsert
to reinspectto reinstallto reinstate
to reinstateto reinstructto reinsure
to reinsureto reintegrateto reintegrate into the societ
to reinterto reinterpretto reintroduce
to reinventto reinvent the wheelto reinvest
to reinvestigateto reinvigorateto reinvigorate
to reinviteto reinvolveto reissue
to reissueto reiterateto reiterate sth.
to reiterate that ...to rejectto reject
to reject a motionto reject a requestto reject as unfit
to reject flatlyto reject sb. as unfit for serto reject sb
to reject sth.to reject sth. firmlyto reject sth. flatly
to reject sth. out of handto rejoiceto rejoice
to rejointo rejointo rejoin
to rejudgeto rejuvenateto rekindle
to relabelto relandto relapse
to relapseto relapse into crimeto relapse
to relateto relateto relate (to
to relativizeto relaunchto relax
to relaxto relayto relay (to)
to relay a message (to sb.)to relearnto release
to releaseto release
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