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to run afterto run againstto run against
to run agroundto run agroundto run amok
to run an election campaignto run and runto run at
to run at a lossto run away (fom)to run away from home
to run away with sth.to run awayto run back
to run backto run before the windto run down
to run downto run downto run down other people
to run downto run downto run dry
to run dryto run dryto run errands
to run errandsto run flatto run for (presidency etc.)
to run for coverto run forwardto run from pillar to post
to run hereto run into run in
to run into dangerto run into difficultiesto run into port
to run its courseto run offto run off
to run on ball bearingsto run on manualto run on
to run oneself raggedto run onto the rocksto run out
to run outto run outto run over
to run parallel toto run pastto run rampant
to run sb. (sth.) downto run sb. a bathto run sb. close
to run sb. downto run sb. downto run sb. off his feet
to run sb. raggedto run shortto run short
to run shortto run smoothlyto run the gauntlet
to run the streetsto run thereto run through
to run to extremesto run to fatto run to leaf
to run to meetto run to seedto run together
to run upto run up toto run
to run-be in the double-digit to run-be in the hundreds of mto run-be in the tens of milli
to run-be in the triple-digit to runto rundown
to rup up a scoreto ruptureto rupture
to rupture oneselfto rushto rush
to rushto rush aboutto rush downstairs
to rush forwardto rush throughto rush to help
to rush to the hospitalto rush up toto rust
to rustto rusticateto rustle
to rustle (to steal farm animato rutto rut (male)
to saberto sabotageto sack
to sackto sacrificeto sacrifice
to saddento saddento saddle
to saddleto saddle oneself with sth.to saddle up
to safeguard (against)to safeguard (against)to safeguard interests
to sagto sagto sag
to sagto sagto sag (downward)
to sailto sail (for)to sail around the island
to sail awayto sail roundto sail through
to salivateto sallyto salt
to saltto saluteto salute
to salvageto salvageto salvage (a ship)
to salveto sampleto sample
to sampleto sampleto sample
to sample outto sampleto sanctify
to sanctionto sand downto sand off
to sandbagto sandpaperto sandwich
to sandwich (between)to sanitizeto sanitize
to sapto sapto saponify
to saponifyto sashayto sass
to sate oneselfto sateto sate
to sateto satietyto satin
to satirizeto satisfyto satisfy
to satisfy an ambitionto satisfy laws and regulationto satisfy so.
to satisfy the needs ofto satisfyto saturate
to saturate the biscuitto saunterto saussuritize
to sauteto savageto save
to saveto saveto save
to saveto save (to disk)to save a file
to save asto save electricityto save in a file
to save moneyto save spaceto save sth.
to save sth. for a rainy dayto save the day
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