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to separateto separateto separate
to sepulchreto sequenceto sequester
to sequestrateto serializeto serialize
to sericitizeto sermonizeto serpentinize
to serrateto serveto serve
to serveto serve (as proof)to serve (as)
to serve (at table)to serve a sentenceto serve for sth.
to serve in the armyto serve on the juryto serve out
to serve sb.to serve the purposeto service
to serviceto service sb.to set
to setto setto set
to set (concrete)to set (into)to set a bad example for sb.
to set a brisk paceto set a clockto set a flat rate for
to set a fox to keep the geeseto set a good exampleto set a precedent
to set a trendto set aboutto set about doing sth.
to set aboutto set againstto set an example
to set an exampleto set aside (temporarily)to set at nought
to set backto set backto set back sb.
to set costs off against taxto set course forto set fire to
to set into set limits toto set no great store by
to set offto set offto set off (against)
to set off for Franceto set oneself up as a lawyerto set out
to set outto set out (for)to set out for England
to set rightto set sailto set sb. off doing sth.
to set sb. off laughing-cryingto set sb. on the wrong trackto set sb. thinking
to set sth. into sth.to set sth. off (against)to set sth. off against sth.
to set sth. on fireto set the ball rollingto set the pace
to set the pace (for)to set the pricesto set the record straight
to set the tableto set to musicto set to work
to set tongues waggingto set upto set up
to set upto set up a mapto set up conference drinks
to set up home on their ownto set uprightto set
to setto setto set
to setto setto settle
to settleto settleto settle a dispute
to settle an invoiceto settle by dicingto settle down
to settle downto settle downto settle down (in)
to settle forto settle into settle out
to settle out of courtto settle sth.to settle sth.
to settleto settleto settle
to severto severto sew on
to sew onto sew upto sew up
to sewto sexto sextuple
to shackto shack up with sb.to shade
to shadeto shadeto shade
to shadeto shade (from)to shade off
to shadeto shadowto shadow
to shadow forthto shadow outto shag
to shake a legto shake a legto shake a leg
to shake like a leafto shake offto shake off the yoke
to shake outto shake outto shake the foundations (of s
to shake upto shake upto shake up (a company)
to shake upto shake with coldto shake with laughter
to shaketo shaketo shake
to shakedownto shamto shamble
to shame oneselfto shame sb.to shampoo
to shanghaito shapeto shape
to shape up wellto shape upto shape
to shareto share a flat with several oto share in
to sharpento sharpento sharpen (by hammering out i
to sharpento sharply rebuff sb.to shatter
to shatterto shatterto shatter
to shatter (hopes)to shave offto shave
to shaveto shearto shear off
to shearto sheathto sheathe
to sheatheto sheatheto sheave
to shed bloodto shed particles
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