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to sparkto spark offto spark off
to spark off a fireto sparkleto spat
to spatterto spawnto spawn
to spayto speak againstto speak all at once
to speak broken ...to speak broken Englishto speak fluent German
to speak in dialectto speak in Saxon dialectto speak in tongues
to speak on behalf ofto speak toto speak to each other on the
to speak to sb. on the phoneto speak under breathto spear
to spearheadto spearheadto specialize in
to specializeto specifyto specify
to specifyto speckleto speech-read
to speed up sth.to speedto spell
to spell outto spellto spell
to spellbindto spend moneyto spend money wildly
to spend on drinkto spend on sweetsto spend the night
to spend the whole evening chato spendto spend
to spendto spendto spend
to spewto spiceto spider
to spielto spiketo spike
to spiketo spiketo spike prices
to spill the beansto spillto spill
to spinto spinto spin round
to spin yarnto spinto spin
to spiralto spiral upto spirit away
to spiritualizeto spit (out)to spit at
to spit at sb.to spit outto spit venum
to spitto spitto spit
to spiteto splashto splash around
to splash out on st.to splashto splay
to spliceto spliceto splint
to splinter (off)to splinterto split (oneself)
to split a contractto split coststo split off
to split opento split stocksto split the proceeds
to splitto splitto split
to splitto splotchto splurge
to splutterto spoil by rainingto spoil so.
to spoil the look of sth.to spoil the partyto spoil
to spoilto spongeto sponge (on)
to sponge downto sponsorto sponsor
to sponsorto spoofto spoof
to spookto spoolto spool in
to spool outto spoonto spoon
to spoon upto spoon-feed sb.to spoon-feed
to spoon-feedto sportto sport
to spotto spotto spot
to spotto spot turnto spot-face
to spot-weldto spotlightto spout
to spoutto spout (about)to sprawl
to sprawl outto sprayto spray
to spread (butter)to spread a safety net (for-beto spread on sth.
to spreadto spreadto spread
to spreadto spreadto spread
to spreadto spring a leakto spring a surprise on sb.
to spring atto spring backto spring into action
to spring opento spring out of bedto spring to mind
to spring towardsto spring upto spring up
to spring upto spring up like mushroomsto spring
to springto springto spring-clean (the whole hou
to springto sprinkleto sprinkle
to sprinkle spots ofto sprintto spritz
to sprogto sproutto sprout from
to spruce upto spudto spur a horse
to spur onto spur onto spur
to spurnto spurt out (from)to spurt out (of
to sputterto sputterto sputter
to sputter (about)to sputter (in frying pan)to spy
to spy onto spy out
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