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to spy outto spy the landto spy
to squabbleto squabbleto squall
to squallto squall in painto squander
to squanderto squander awayto square
to squareto squareto square
to square (the ball) to so.to square (with)to square a figure
to square offto squareto squash
to squatto squatto squat down
to squat downto squat in a houseto squat
to squawkto squawkto squawk
to squeakto squealto squeal
to squeezeto squeezeto squeeze off
to squeeze outto squeeze outto squeeze out
to squeeze the orange dryto squeeze throughto squeeze
to squelchto squelchto squiggle
to squintto squintto squint against the sun
to squireto squirmto squirm
to squirm and writheto squirtto squish
to stabto stab sb. (in the neck) withto stab so.
to stab so. with a knifeto stab to deathto stabilize a patient on a dr
to stabilizeto stackto stack up
to staffto staffto stag
to stage sth.to stageto stagger
to staggerto stagger sb.to stagnate
to stainto stainto stain
to stainto stainto stake
to stake a claimto stake out a claimto stake
to stalemateto stalkto stalk
to stalkto stalkto stall
to stallto stallto staminate
to stammerto stampto stamp
to stampto stampto stamp in
to stamp outto stamp the groundto stamp
to stampedeto stampedeto stand
to stand a beerto stand a roundto stand a test
to stand a testto stand aboutto stand above sth.
to stand aloneto stand aloof from the othersto stand aside
to stand at attentionto stand at the barto stand at-by the window
to stand backto stand between the sticksto stand by
to stand by sb.to stand by sb.to stand by
to stand close beside sb.to stand comparison withto stand convicted
to stand downto stand down in favour of a pto stand down
to stand facing one anotherto stand fastto stand firm
to stand firm on sth.to stand forto stand for
to stand gapingto stand idleto stand in (for sb.)
to stand in a lineto stand in a queueto stand in a ring
to stand in a rowto stand in for sb.to stand in front of the house
to stand in lineto stand onto stand on guard
to stand on the edge of a precto stand opento stand or fall
to stand out (fromto stand riveted to the spotto stand sb. up
to stand sb. upto stand stillto stand surety (for sb.)
to stand surety for so.to stand the testto stand there
to stand thereto stand togetherto stand up
to stand up forto stand up for so.to stand up for
to stand up to a testto stand up to so.to stand up to sth.
to standto standto stand
to standardizeto standardizeto staple
to starchto stareto stare at sb. with a fixed g
to stare into spaceto startto start
to startto startto start
to start (for)to start (out) from the fact-ito start (pick) a quarrel with
to start a carto start a fight with sb.to start a fire
to start a motorto start an argumentto start an argument (with)
to start collegeto start from scratchto start from the beginning
to start learningto start negotiations with sb.to start on sth.
to start overto start running out of timeto start talking
to start to decayto start to flap
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