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to stop deadto stop doing sth.to stop for a snack
to stop for a snack at a localto stop off (in)to stop oneself from (saying-d
to stop overto stop productionto stop short
to stop short (of)to stop smokingto stop smoking
to stop speakingto stop sth.to stop taking
to stop taking pillsto stop the orchestrato stop the rot
to stop upto stope overhandto stope underhand
to storeto storeto store information on-in a d
to store sth. upto store temporarilyto store up
to storeto stormto storm
to stowto stow awayto straddle
to straddleto straddleto straddle
to straddle an issueto straddle the horseto straddle
to strafeto straggleto straighten
to straightento straighten (out)to straighten out
to straighten outto straighten things out with to straighten up
to straighten upto strainto strain
to strainto strain every nerveto strain off water
to strain-hardento straitento strand
to strandto strandto strangle
to strangleto strangulateto strap
to strap downto strap upto stratify
to stratifyto stratifyto stray
to strayto stray from the subjectto streak
to streamto streamto stream
to streamlineto streamlineto streamline production
to strech outto strengthento strengthen
to strengthento stressto stress sth.
to stressto stretchto stretch
to stretchto stretchto stretch
to stretch (to)to stretch a pointto stretch back to
to stretch outto stretch outto stretch the dollar
to strewto stride alongto stride up and down
to strideto striketo strike
to striketo strike a bad patchto strike a snag
to strike backto strike campto strike dead
to strike each otherto strike offto strike off
to strike offto strike offto strike off from the list
to strike outto strike outto strike out
to strike outto strike outto strike out at sb.
to strike out for hometo strike out in a new directito strike out wildly
to strike outto strike rootto strike sb. off the roll
to strike sth. a glancing blowto strike the right chordto strike the right note
to strike upto strike up a conversationto strike up
to strike with aweto striketo strike
to striketo striketo string
to string on a threadto stringto strip
to stripto stripto strip
to stripto strip (feathers)to strip a house of its conten
to strip awayto strip awayto strip off
to strip stark-nakedto strip the bark from a treeto strip the bark off
to strip the formworkto strip the threadto strip to the waist
to strip wiresto strip-searchto strip
to stripto stripto stripe
to strive afterto striveto strive
to striveto striveto strobe
to stroketo strollto stroll
to strollto stropto structure
to structureto struggleto struggle (for)
to struggle withto strum (on)to strut
to strut pastto strutto stub out
to stub outto stuccoto stud
to studto studto study
to studyto study furtherto study law
to study throughto study voiceto stuff
to stuff so. with vain hopesto stultifyto stultify
to stultifyto stultify
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