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to take a dog for a walkto take a fancy toto take a flash photo
to take a free kickto take a house on a 10-year lto take a joke
to take a lease on a houseto take a lease on business prto take a long time
to take a look atto take a lot out ofto take a medication
to take a mouth swabto take a napto take a picture
to take a picture down off theto take a pictureto take a Pollyanna view of st
to take a problem to sb.to take a quick glance at sth.to take a rise out of sb.
to take a riskto take a road testto take a road test
to take a run-upto take a showerto take a smell at
to take a soundingto take a spa treatmentto take a stab in the dark
to take a standto take a stroll through the tto take a swim
to take a tick (from)to take a turn for the better-to take a turn in the wood
to take a vote (on sth.)to take advantage (of sth.)to take advantage of
to take advantage ofto take afterto take aim
to take alongto take an impressionto take an instant dislike to
to take an opportunityto take an orderto take an order
to take an unequivocal stand (to take an unexpected turnto take apart
to take as a basisto take awayto take away
to take backto take backto take back goods that has no
to take bribesto take by assaultto take by surprise
to take careto take careto take care of
to take care of the gardento take care ofto take charge of sth.
to take charge ofto take command (of)to take corrective action
to take countermeasuresto take courageto take cover
to take criticismto take cross bearingsto take delight in
to take disciplinary action agto take downto take down
to take downto take down (a flag)to take drastic measures
to take drugsto take effectto take effect
to take extreme action againstto take flightto take for
to take French leaveto take frightto take from
to take full responsibility foto take getting used toto take great pains over
to take hold ofto take hometo take in
to take into take into take in (a sail)
to take in cashto take in the late spotsto take into account
to take into careto take into custodyto take into custody prior to
to take inventoryto take it easyto take it in turns with sb.
to take it on the chinto take its courseto take joint action
to take leaveto take leaveto take legal measure
to take legal steps against soto take long stridesto take measures
to take note ofto take notes ofto take notice of
to take notice ofto take offto take off
to take offto take off its hingesto take off
to take offence atto take onto take on
to take on a burdento take on an official toneto take on too much
to take out a life insurance pto take out a loanto take out a patent on sth.
to take out of its contextto take out of serviceto take out of the warehouse
to take outto take overto take over from
to take over withto take parental responsibiltyto take part (in)
to take part (in)to take part in a contestto take part in the combat
to take part in the opening foto take picturesto take pity (on sb.)
to take place below public perto take placeto take place
to take placeto take pleasure into take possession of
to take possession ofto take potluckto take potluck
to take precautionsto take precautions (against)to take pride in
to take prompt actionto take revenge (on)to take root
to take sampleto take sb. as an exampleto take sb. aside
to take sb. downto take sb. for a rideto take sb. in custody
to take sb. in towto take sb. into custodyto take sb. on a ride
to take sb. outto take sb. to hospitalto take sb. to task
to take sb. to task (about)to take sb. up on his (her) prto take seriously
to take shapeto take shelter fromto take sides
to take so. for a walkto take so. hostageto take so. to the cleaners
to take stepsto take steps (against)to take sth. amiss
to take sth. as a joketo take sth. at face valueto take sth. calmly
to take sth. for grantedto take sth. in literal senseto take sth. in safe keeping
to take sth. into accountto take sth. into accountto take sth. into consideratio
to take sth. literallyto take sth. on credit
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