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to view sth.-look at sth. withto viewto vignette
to vilifyto vilifyto vindicate
to vindicateto violateto violate
to violateto violate a lawto visit
to visit a fairto visit usto visualize
to visualizeto vitalizeto vitaminize
to vitiateto vitiateto vitrify
to vitrifyto vitriolateto vituperate
to vituperateto vituperate (against)to vivify
to vivifyto vivisectto vocalize
to vociferateto vociferateto voice
to voiceto voidto void
to volatilizeto volunteerto volunteer
to volunteer (for)to vomitto vote
to vote downto vote downto vote sb. down
to vote sb. on the boardto vote yes or noto vote
to vouch (for)to vouch for sb.-sth.to vouchsafe
to vowto vowto vow vengeance
to voyageto vulcanizeto vulgarize
to vulgarizeto vulgarizeto wad
to waddleto wadeto wade across a river
to wade throughto waffle (on)to waft
to wagto wag its tailto wag the dog
to wage (campaignto wage warto wage war on
to wager (on)to waggleto waggle
to wailto wailto wail
to wail (overto wainscotto wait and see
to wait for a good opportunityto wait for sb.to wait on
to wait on sb.to wait patientlyto waive
to waiveto waive a claimto waive fees
to waive the compensationto waiveto wake up with a hang-over
to waketo waketo waken
to walkto walk a very long wayto walk ahead
to walk alongto walk around the house (outsto walk down
to walk extensivelyto walk forwards and backwardsto walk it off
to walk on airto walk on crutchesto walk on tiptoe
to walk one after anotherto walk roundto walk the line
to walk the tightropeto walk through the townto walk
to walkto walkawayto wall in
to wall upto wallopto wallow
to wallowto wallow in luxuryto wallpaper
to waltzto wanderto wander
to wanderto wander aboutto wander around
to waneto waneto wane
to wangleto wangleto wank
to wantto wantto want
to wantto want a slice of the pieto want sth.
to want to do sth.to want to shine in front of sto war
to war (withto warbleto ward
to ward offto warmto warm (to
to warm upto warm upto warm up in advance
to warmto warn (of)to warp
to warpto warpto warp
to warpto warpto warp
to warp (into)to warp down(ward)to warp from
to warrantto warrantto wash
to washto washto wash
to wash (against)to wash (down) (ore)to wash ashore
to wash awayto wash awayto wash out
to wash outto wash outto wash round
to wash sth. ashoreto wash sth. ashoreto wash up
to wash upto washto waste
to wasteto waste awayto waste on drink
to wasteto wasteto watch
to watchto watchto watch
to watchto watchto watch a chance
to watch childrento watch for certain symptoms
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