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to wind upto wind up affairsto wind up sb.
to wind up sb.to windto wind
to windto windto windlass
to wineto wineto wine and dine
to wingto winkto wink at sb.
to winnowto winnowto winter (in
to winterizeto wipeto wipe
to wipeto wipeto wipe
to wipe awayto wipe dryto wipe off
to wipe offto wipe offto wipe out
to wipe outto wipe outto wipe out
to wipe the slate cleanto wipe the slate cleanto wipe the table with a cloth
to wipe upto wireto wire
to wireto wireto wire in
to wisecrackto wishto wish a person ill
to wish for sth.to wish sb. backto wish sb. every blessing
to wish sb. no evilto wish so. a happy Christmasto wish so. well
to withdraw (privileges)to withdraw from currencyto withdraw from service
to withdraw sth. from circulatto withdrawto withdraw
to witherto withholdto withhold
to withstandto withstandto witness
to witnessto witter on about sth.to wobble
to wobbleto wobbleto wobble (move unsteadily)
to wobble (uneven rotating)to womanizeto wonder (at)
to wooto woo awayto woof
to woof at sb.to wordto work
to work (hard) forto work (oneself) to deathto work after hours
to work againstto work as a cleanerto work at high pressure
to work awayto work freelanceto work full-time
to work into work in a jigto work in harness
to work in the fieldto work incompetentlyto work into
to work it outto work like madto work loose
to work meticulouslyto work offto work off
to work offto work onto work on a commission basis
to work oneself into work oneself to deathto work oneself up
to work oneself up into a rageto work outto work out
to work outto work outto work out at the gym
to work out of townto work out the solutionto work out
to work outto work overtimeto work part-time
to work sloppilyto work ten hours overtimeto work the early shift
to work the landto work together as a good teato work towards
to work undercoverto work undergroundto work up
to work upto work upto work up a sweat
to work up to a climaxto work wondersto worm
to wormto worm (into)to worm a secret out of
to worryto worryto worry
to worry aboutto worry about sth.to worry sb. with sth.
to worsento worsento worship
to worshipto worship as Godto wound
to wowto wrangleto wrangle money out of sb.
to wrangle sb. into wrapto wrap (lines)
to wrap roundto wrap sth. upto wrap up
to wrap upto wrap up (warm)to wrap up oneself (warm)
to wrapto wreakto wreak
to wreak (on)to wreak havocto wreak havoc (on)
to wreak havocto wreatheto wreathe
to wreatheto wreatheto wreck
to wreckto wrenchto wrench
to wrestto wrest sth. from sbto wrestle
to wriggleto wriggleto wring
to wring fromto wring outto wring
to wrinkle (up)to wrinkle (up)to wrinkle (up)
to wrinkleto writeto write (to)
to write a letterto write a specialised paper (to write a stock option
to write backto write between the linesto write down
to write downto write into write in one word
to write in pencilto write music
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