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The novel is set in ...The novel might be viewed as aThe numbers are dwindling.
the nuptialsthe nuts and boltsthe occupying forces
The odds are against us.the odds-on favouritethe old West German states-Bun
the only beautyThe only criticism (objection)the only one
the only reasonthe only thingthe only way out
the openThe opportunity arises.the opposite sex
the ordinary run of thingsthe organisers of the fraud scthe original autograph
the originator of an enquirythe other daythe other players
the other side of the cointhe other way roundthe Outer Hebrides
the outgoing presidentThe Pack of Ragamuffinsthe packing of the goods
The pain made him cry aloud.the parlourThe participants have met the
the particular vulnerability othe parties concernedThe Parties have agreed as fol
the parties hereto arethe parties involved in the acthe parties to a dispute
The partner company shall provThe party is breaking up.The pass allows unlimited trav
the pastThe path was slippery and it wThe patient must drink several
the patrician classesthe PeerageThe penny has dropped.
the Pentagonthe people concernedthe people of quality
The period runs.The permit must be produced upthe person behind him
the person pulling the leversThe picture has turned out welThe picture is crooked.
The picture is not straight.the picture of miserythe picture on the wall
The place can be reached by trThe place shrieks fifties glamThe plan failed.
The plants have stood up well the playThe play is well-nigh perfectl
The play will stand or fall onThe player was banned for six The player was subsequently ba
the player whom I was to replaThe plug fits only one way intthe point
the point at issuethe point isThe police are looking for any
The police demanded his name.The police officer fired six rThe political explosiveness of
the political realitythe pondthe poor
the poor and needythe poor sodthe populace of Rome
The post involves foreign travThe post is on the A1 salary sThe pot calling the kettle bla
the prescribed-statutory scalethe present authorThe present Convention shall b
the present daythe presenting bankthe President designate
the president himselfthe president in personthe press
The price is all-inclusive.The price is open to negotiatiThe prices hurtled down.
The prices skyrocketed.The principle is very simple.The private investigators rece
The prize was 10,000 euros.The problem is still relevant The problem should right itsel
the problemsThe proceedings appear to havethe prodigal son
The program is fantastic.The program will include severThe project was rubber-stamped
the promised landThe proof of the pudding is inthe pros and contras
The provisions have well-nigh the publicthe public perception (of a ma
The quarrel of lovers is the rThe question came up.The question has to be put dif
The question is whether this ithe question posed by his speeThe rain passed off.
The rain was coming down in shthe rampant growththe rapidity of the current
the reading is ...the real McCoythe rear wheel drives
the reasons he gave werethe Red ArmyThe Red Brigades (terrorist gr
The referee blew for full-timeThe referee was always on the the Regents
the related issuesthe relevant departmentthe relevant office
the remnants of a stormThe residents watched the flamThe responsibility lies with y
the restThe review led to the modificaThe review led to the modifica
the Rhine Basinthe richThe river is low.
The road is under repair.The Robber BridegroomThe room faces north.
The room opens on to a patio.the root of all evilThe rot starts at the top.
the rows at the very frontthe Royal Society for the Prevthe rules applicable
the ruling classThe runners are evenly matchedthe runs
the sad death of ...the saidthe same
the samethe same kindThe same old trick!
the Sami peopleThe scheduling is a real problthe Scots
the scum of the earththe SeljuqsThe semi-final saw A meet B.
The sense escapes me.the sequence of eventsthe serious irregularities
The server has refused the conThe ServicesThe Seven Ravens
The Seven SwabiansThe shell of the house is compThe Shining Path (terrorist gr
The ship is lying in the roadsThe ship was on schedule.The shirt fits great.
The shoes need to be worn in.The show flopped.The show is over.
the sickthe signs of the timesThe silence was almost tangibl
the simple factThe situation calls for swift The situation is calm.
The sketch is not to scale andthe slightestthe small hours
the smallest problemthe smart setthe sniffles
The snow is more than a meter The snowfall limit-snow level
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