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Take my advice!take personal charge (direct cTake the lot!
Take this down please ...Take your time.take
take-aparttake-home paytake-off
take-offtake-off boardtake-off position
take-off positionstake-off powertake-off reel
take-off slottake-off slotstake-off velocity
take-off weighttake-uptake-up reel
take-up reelstakeaway foodtakeaway shop
takentakentaken a bow
taken a look attaken a lot out oftaken a photo
taken a risktaken a showertaken a sounding
taken abacktaken advantage oftaken aim
taken alongtaken aparttaken away
taken awaytaken backtaken by surprise
taken caretaken care oftaken care of
taken downtaken downtaken down
taken downtaken drastic measurestaken effect
taken for a ridetaken frighttaken from
taken holdtaken intaken in
taken into accounttaken into custodytaken it easy
taken leavetaken note oftaken notice
taken offtaken offtaken off
taken ontaken on a ridetaken out of service
taken outtaken overtaken over from
taken parttaken parttaken part in the combat
taken placetaken pleasure intaken possession of
taken sampletaken sb. hospitaledtaken seriously
taken sth. uptaken the moneytaken the point
taken the responsibilitytaken theretaken to
taken turnstaken uptaken
takeofftakeoff legtakeoff
takeover attempttakeover attemptstakeover talk
takeover talkstakeoverstakeovers
takertakerstakes a look
takes a phototakes a showertakes a sounding
takes alongtakes backtakes by surprise
takes downtakes downtakes effect
takes note oftakes noticetakes off
takes possession oftakes seriouslytakes the money
takingtakingtaking a bearing
taking a bowtaking a look attaking a lot out of
taking a phototaking a risktaking a shower
taking a soundingtaking advantage oftaking aim
taking all factors into accountaking alongtaking apart
taking awaytaking awaytaking back
taking backtaking by surprisetaking care
taking care oftaking care oftaking down
taking downtaking downtaking down
taking drastic measurestaking effecttaking for a ride
taking frighttaking fromtaking hold
taking intaking intaking into account
taking into accounttaking into custodytaking into custody
taking it easytaking leavetaking note of
taking noticetaking of hostagetaking off
taking offtaking offtaking on
taking out of servicetaking outtaking over
taking overtaking over fromtaking part
taking parttaking part in the combattaking place
taking placetaking pleasure intaking possession of
taking sampletaking sb. hospitalingtaking seriously
taking sth. uptaking the blood pressuretaking the money
taking the pointtaking the responsibilitytaking there
taking totaking turns
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