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to ask the wayto ask throughto ask to come
to ask to dinnerto asperseto asphalt
to asphyxiateto aspirateto aspirate
to aspirateto aspireto aspire
to assailto assailto assail sb.
to assassinateto assaultto assay
to assembleto assembleto assemble
to assembleto assemble (with)to assemble
to assentto assent (to)to assent to an opinion
to assertto assert a claimto assert a claim
to assessto assessto assess
to assess (at)to assess sth. at its true worto asseverate
to assignto assignto assign
to assignto assign (to a post)to assign (to)
to assign a claimto assign a jobto assign a patent
to assign resourcesto assign transferto assign
to assignto assimilateto assimilate
to assimilateto assimilate foodto assimilate immigrants into
to assimilate informationto assimilate into sth.to assist
to associateto associateto associate
to associate oneself with sb.to associate oneself with sth.to associate with sb.
to associate with sb.to assortto assort
to assuageto assuageto assuage
to assuage painto assume a riskto assume alarming proportions
to assume an officeto assume del credere liabilitto assume that everyone knows
to assumeto assureto assure
to assureto assureto asterisk
to astonishto astonishto astound
to astrayto at leastto atomize
to atomizeto atone (for)to atrophy
to atrophyto attachto attach
to attachto attach (by plugging on)to attach (to)
to attach conditions toto attach great importance to to attach importance
to attach itself (to)to attackto attack down the wings
to attainto attain full ageto attempt
to attendto attendto attend
to attendto attend churchto attend evening classes
to attend on sb.to attend toto attend to a customer
to attend to interestto attenuateto attenuate
to attestto attestto attire
to attitudinizeto attractto attract
to attractto attract new businessto attract new readers
to attribute sth. to sb.to attributeto attune (to)
to attune to sth.to auctionto audit
to audit the cashto auditionto audition
to auditionto augmentto augment
to augurto augurto augur ill
to augur wellto auscultateto authenticate
to authenticateto authorto authorize
to autographto automateto automatize
to availto avail oneselfto avail oneself of sth.
to avenge oneself on sb.to avengeto avenge
to averto averageto average
to averageto average (over)to average out
to avertto avert (a danger)to avert ...
to avert bankruptcyto aviateto avoid
to avoidto avoidto avoid
to avoid a duplication of effoto avoid any possibility of coto avoid confusion
to avoid customs dutyto avoid dangerto avoid distortion of the res
to avoid doing sth.to avoid the issueto avouch
to avowto await sth.to awake from a deep sleep
to awaketo awaketo award (a prize)
to award a free-kick or penaltto award a penaltyto award damages
to awareto aweto ax
to axeto axe a projectto axe sb.
to babbleto babble outto baby-sit
to back a car out of the garagto back a decision
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