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to be nice-lookingto be no goodto be no longer current
to be noncommittalto be none the wiserto be normalized
to be not directly based on seto be not musicalto be not sustainable
to be not very generousto be nothing loathto be notorious for sth.
to be nutsto be nutty (on)to be obliged
to be obligingto be obsessed (byto be obsessive about sth.
to be obviousto be occupiedto be of a different stamp
to be of a retiring natureto be of ageto be of different opinions
to be of interestto be of no importance for sthto be of particular relevance
to be of prime importanceto be of same sizeto be of service
to be of subordinate importancto be of useto be of value
to be offto be off beamto be off duty
to be off sickto be off sickto be off the hook
to be off the mapto be off the pay rollto be off the track
to be offhand about sth.to be offhand with sb.to be offside
to be omittedto be onto be on a committee
to be on a dietto be on a dripto be on a list
to be on a rollto be on airto be on alert
to be on attachment (to)to be on callto be on cloud nine
to be on displayto be on dutyto be on duty
to be on edgeto be on fireto be on flexitime
to be on guard dutyto be on handto be on hold
to be on holdto be on lease (to)to be on leave
to be on my ownto be on paroleto be on picket duty
to be on probationto be on saleto be on show
to be on sick leaveto be on skid rowto be on suicide watch
to be on targetto be on the A-listto be on the ball
to be on the beamto be on the benchto be on the brink of sth.
to be on the declineto be on the defensiveto be on the dole
to be on the edge of a precipito be on the edge of disasterto be on the horns of a dilemm
to be on the increaseto be on the lamto be on the look-out for
to be on the mendto be on the moveto be on the nickel
to be on the offensiveto be on the outsideto be on the point of
to be on the rightto be on the riseto be on the run
to be on the safe sideto be on the shelfto be on the simmer
to be on the spotto be on the staffto be on the stage
to be on the top (of the worldto be on the upgradeto be on the verge of ruin
to be on the verge of warto be on the waiting listto be on the warpath
to be on the way hometo be on the way to recoveryto be on the wrong track
to be on tourto be on trialto be on-call
to be oneselfto be opento be open to conviction
to be opposed (to)to be oppositeto be or not to be
to be ordered to pay a fineto be oriented towards sth.to be ossified
to be ostentatiously about sthto be outto be out for (to)
to be out of all proportion toto be out of conditionto be out of operation
to be out of orderto be out of orderto be out of place
to be out of placeto be out of sightto be out of square
to be out of the woodsto be out of townto be out of training
to be out of tune with sth.to be out of useto be out of work
to be out on a limbto be out to lunchto be outnumbered
to be outraged at-by sth.to be outstandingto be over the moon with joy
to be over the worstto be over-inflatedto be overrun (with)
to be overrun (with)to be overtaken by eventsto be overthe hill
to be overwhelmed with joyto be paid on a time basis (peto be painful
to be parasetic (on)to be parchedto be parked in the undergroun
to be part ofto be past reclaimto be patient
to be patterned on sth.to be payable to bearerto be pen friends with sb.
to be pendingto be performedto be permanent
to be permittedto be pertinent to sth.to be pessimistic
to be pink-slippedto be piqued at sb.to be piqued at sth.
to be piqued at sth.to be pissedto be placed in a medically in
to be placed in custody pendinto be placed thirdto be plastered
to be pleased about sth.to be pleased with a presentto be poised for sth.
to be poorly receivedto be popularto be popular with
to be positioned on the edgeto be possessed (by)to be possessed (by)
to be possessive towards sb.to be posted awayto be potty-trained
to be predicable of sth.to be predominant
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