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to be pregnantto be prejudicedto be prejudiced against
to be premised on sth.to be prepared (to)to be prepared for
to be presentto be presentto be present
to be preservedto be pressed for moneyto be pressed for space
to be pressed for timeto be pressed for timeto be privy to a sight
to be privy to sth.to be proactiveto be probative
to be prodigal with sth.to be profitableto be profligate of sth.
to be promiscuousto be promotedto be promoted
to be prone to do sth.to be prone to sth.to be proper for
to be protectedto be proud ofto be proud of the achieved re
to be put into be put on recordto be put on the spot
to be put outto be put under requisitionto be puzzled about sth.
to be qualified (for)to be quick on the uptaketo be quits with so.
to be radioactiveto be rained outto be raring to do sth.
to be raring to goto be rather hazy aboutto be ready to depart
to be ready to leaveto be readyto be ready
to be reasonableto be receivedto be recognizable
to be red carded by the refereto be reduced to starvationto be reducible to
to be referred toto be reflectedto be reflected (in)
to be regaled (by)to be regeneratedto be rejected
to be related to sth.to be releasedto be released from custody
to be releasedto be relegatedto be relegated to the second
to be reliant onto be relieved (at)to be reminiscent of sth.
to be repetitiveto be reportedto be reported missing
to be required to do sth.to be required to refrain fromto be reserved
to be resplendentto be responsible forto be responsible for themselv
to be restedto be revealed to sb.to be revealing about
to be rid of so.-sth.to be riding (along) on the crto be rife
to be rightto be rightto be rolling drunk
to be rousedto be ruinedto be ruinous to sth.
to be ruledto be ruled by jealousyto be ruled out
to be runningto be ruttingto be saddled with sth.
to be safeto be safe from sb.to be said
to be satisfied withto be saved by the bellto be scorching
to be seasickto be seatedto be second to none
to be self-adjustingto be self-adjustingto be self-correcting
to be self-denyingto be self-deprecatingto be self-fulfilling
to be sensible enough to do stto be sensible ofto be sent off
to be sent packingto be sent to Coventryto be sent to jail
to be separatedto be serious about doing sth.to be set doing sth.
to be settledto be sexistto be shaken to its foundation
to be shinyto be shockedto be shocked
to be shockedto be shorn of sth.to be short of money
to be short-circuitedto be shown to be in the wrongto be shrink-proof
to be shy (ofto be shyto be sick (and tired) of sth.
to be sick of sth.to be signedto be sincere about sth.
to be slightly off-topicto be slippery as an eelto be slope
to be sloshedto be slow on the uptaketo be smashed
to be smitten withto be snookeredto be snooze
to be snowed into be so far along that ...to be sold
to be sold down the riverto be solicitous about sth.to be soppy on sb.
to be soreto be sorryto be sorted
to be sparing with sth.to be spawled (over)to be specked
to be specked with bloodto be stacked against sb.to be stale
to be standing in a suspiciousto be startled at sth.to be stationary
to be still in its infancyto be still in the competitionto be still
to be strapped (for cash)to be streakedto be street-smart
to be striking for sth.to be struck all of a heapto be struck dumb
to be strung to breaking pointto be stubbornto be stuck
to be stuck upto be stuckto be stunned
to be stunned at-by sth.to be subject toto be subject to censorship
to be subject to changeto be subjected toto be subjected to changing te
to be subjected to high temperto be subjected to tensionto be submerged in water
to be subordinate toto be subordinate to sb.-sth.to be substantiated
to be successfulto be suggestive of sth.to be suitable (for sb.)
to be suitable for sth.to be supectedto be superfluous
to be superior in numbersto be supposed to
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