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to care forto care lovingly for sb.to careen
to caressto caricatureto carny
to carouseto carp (at)to carpenter
to carpetto carpetto carpool
to carryto carryto carry a child to full term
to carry a hallmark (medal, orto carry a motionto carry a motion
to carry a torch for sb.to carry a torch forto carry along
to carry alongto carry awayto carry away
to carry coals to Newcastleto carry convictionto carry down
to carry interestto carry no weightto carry off
to carry offto carry offto carry off
to carry onto carry onto carry on (out) a trade
to carry on a controversyto carry on a vendetta againstto carry on doing sth.
to carry outto carry outto carry out a commission
to carry out a planto carry out a postmortem examto carry out
to carry sb. far away (from)to carry sth.to carry sth. along
to carry sth. too farto carry to an extremeto carry together
to carry weightto carry weightto carry weight
to carryto cartto cart off
to cartoonto carveto carve
to carveto carveto carve (into)
to carve (into)to carve a figure in woodto carve out
to carve out a tunnel in a rocto carve sth. outto cascade
to cascadeto cascadeto case
to case-hardento cashto cash
to cashto cash a chequeto cast
to cast a ballotto cast a damp over sth.to cast a slur on sb.
to cast a spell on sb.to cast its leavesto cast lots
to cast offto cast offto cast off sth.-sb.
to cast offto cast outto cast seed
to castto castto cast
to castigateto castigate oneselfto castle (chess)
to castrateto catalogueto catalyze
to catapultto catch (at)to catch a bad cold
to catch a coldto catch a coldto catch a glimpse
to catch fireto catch fireto catch oneself doing sth.
to catch oneself thinking thatto catch sb. copyingto catch sight (of)
to catch sight of sb.to catch sight of sth.to catch the train
to catch upto catch up on some paperworkto catch up on sth.
to catch up with sb.to catchto catch-pick up the odd word
to catechizeto categorizeto categorize
to catenateto caterto cater (a party)
to cater (for)to cater forto caterwaul
to catheterizeto catnapto caulk in
to caulkto caulkto cause (by)
to cause (by)to cause a road accident resulto cause a sensation
to cause a sensationto cause anguishto cause damage while-when par
to cause sb. anxietyto cause surpriseto cause the downfall
to cause to giveto cause troubleto cauterize
to cauterizeto cauterizeto cauterize
to caveto caveto cave
to cave into caveto cavil (at)
to cavortto cawto cease
to ceaseto cease (from)to cease (to apply)
to cease fireto cease paymentto cease work
to cedeto ceilto celebrate
to celebrateto celebrate her birthdayto celebrate taking first and
to celebrate with a few good fto cell phoneto cement
to cementto cementto censore
to censureto centerto centralize
to centrifugateto certificateto certificate
to certifyto certifyto certify insane
to certify the contractto chadto chafe
to chafeto chafeto chafe
to chagrinto chagrinto chain
to chain upto chain up (to)to chair
to chair a meetingto chalk up
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