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to denounceto denounceto denounce (to)
to dentto denucleateto denude
to denunciateto denyto deny
to deny accessto deny oneself of ...to deny sth. categorically
to deny sth. flatlyto deodorizeto depacketize
to departto departto depart this life
to departto depend (on)to depend on whether-how much
to depersonalizeto depictto depict
to depictto depilateto deplete
to depleteto deploreto deploy
to deployto deploy a missile systemto deploy the parachute
to depolarizeto depolarizeto depoliticize
to depopulateto deportto deport
to deposeto deposeto deposit
to depositto depositto deposit
to deposit sth.to deposit sth. with sb.to deposite
to depraveto deprecateto deprecate
to depreciateto depreciateto depreciate
to depreciateto depreciate (exchange rate)to depreciate a property
to depressto depressto depressurize
to depressurizeto depriveto deprive of power
to deprive oneself of the oppoto deprive oneself of the righto deprive sb. of a right
to deprive sb. of sth.to deproteinizeto depute
to deputizeto deputize (for sb.)to dequeue
to derailto derangeto derange
to derateto dereferenceto deregulate
to derideto derivateto derive benefit from
to derive fromto derogateto derogate
to derustto desalinateto desalt
to desaturateto descaleto descend
to descend fromto descend into a mineto descend
to describeto describeto describe in detail
to descryto descryto desecrate
to desecrateto desegregateto deselect
to desensitizeto desertto desert
to desert (fromto desert from the armyto desert to the enemy
to deservesto desiccateto design
to designto designto design sth. to fit the need
to designateto designateto designate (for a specific p
to desireto desistto desist from
to deskewto deslagto desolate
to desolderto desorbto despair (of)
to despise oneself (for)to despiseto despoil
to despondto destabilizeto destine (for)
to destine sb. for sth.to destroyto destroy
to destructto desulphurateto detach
to detach sth. from its contexto detail (for)to detain
to detainto detectto detect
to detectto deterto deteriorate
to determineto determineto determine
to determineto determineto determine-calculate sth. fo
to determineto detestto dethrone
to detonateto detonateto detonate
to detourto detoxicateto detoxify
to detractto detrend (the data)to devalue
to devastateto developto develop
to developto develop (into)to develop (into)
to develop a product into a mato develop a sourceto develop an alternative mode
to develop fromto develop furtherto develop
to developto deviate (from)to deviate from the truth
to devilto deviseto devise
to devitalizeto devitrifyto devolve
to devote a lot of effort to sto devote attention to sb.to devote love to sb.
to devote oneself fully to sthto devote oneself to so.-sth.to devote oneself to sth.
to devourto dewto dewater
to diagnoseto diagramto dial
to dial in (into)to dial the wrong number
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