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to enrageto enraptureto enrich
to enrichto enrol for a courseto enrol sb.
to enrol sb. at a schoolto enrolto ensconce
to ensconce oneself in sth.to enshrineto enshroud
to enslaveto ensnareto ensnare
to ensnareto ensueto ensure
to ensureto entail (on)to entail on sb.
to entangleto entangleto enter
to enterto enterto enter a caveat
to enter a caveatto enter a contestto enter a convent
to enter a passwordto enter a roomto enter a state of crisis
to enter an orderto enter in the listto enter into
to enter into a contractto enter into an agreementto enter into marriage
to enter negotiationsto enter on the debit sideto enter service with sb.
to enter the ministryto enterto enter
to enterto entertainto entertain
to entertainto entertain hopesto enthral
to enthrallto enthroneto enthuse (about
to enthuse (aboutto enticeto entice away (from)
to entice sb. to do sth.to entitleto entitle sb. to sth.
to entitleto entrainto entrap
to entreatto entrench (behind)to entrench oneself
to entrench oneselfto entrustto entrust
to entrust sb. with a taskto entrust sth. to his bankto entrust sth. to so.
to entwineto enumerateto enunciate
to enunciateto enunciateto enunciate
to envelopto envelopeto environ
to envisageto envisionto epidotize
to epitomizeto epitomizeto equal
to equalto equalto equalize
to equalizeto equalizeto equalize
to equateto equate (with)to equilibrate
to equilibrateto equipto equip
to equip (with)to equivocateto eradicate
to eraseto eraseto erase
to erectto erectto erect a scaffolding around
to erect formworkto erodeto erode
To err is human.to errto erupt
to eruptto eruptto erupt (volcano)
to escalate (into)to escapeto escape sth.
to eschewto eschewto eschew
to escortto espouseto establish
to establishto establish a recordto establish a rule
to establish diplomatic relatito establish oneselfto establish order
to establish relationsto establish the basisto esteem
to esteemto estimateto estimate
to estimateto estimateto estimate (at)
to estimate roughlyto estimate the cost at EUR 10to estrange
to etchto eternalizeto etiolate
to etiolateto euchreto eulogize
to Europeanizeto euthanizeto evacuate
to evacuateto evacuateto evacuate
to evacuateto evadeto evade
to evade taxesto evade the issueto evaluate
to evaluateto evaluateto evaluate (a patient)
to evaluate (at)to evaluate (the pros and consto evaluate performance
to evangelizeto evaporateto evaporate
to evaporateto evento even out
to eventuateto evertto evict
to evictto evictto evict a cluster node
to evidenceto evinceto evince
to eviscerateto eviscerateto evoke
to evoketo evoketo evolve
to exacerbateto exacerbateto exacerbate
to exactto exactto exact (from
to exaggerateto exaltto exalt
to examineto examine
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