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to gaugeto gaugeto gawk
to gawp at sb.to gaze (at)to gaze in wonder
to gazetteto gazumpto gel
to gelatinizeto geminateto generalize
to generateto generateto gentrify (an area)
to genuflectto germto germinate
to germinateto gerrymanderto gestate
to gesticulateto getto get
to get (be) hungryto get (it)to get (oneself) sth.
to get (oneselfto get ...to get ...
to get a day offto get a divorce (from)to get a feel for sth.
to get a general idea of sth.to get a good (bad) pressto get a good bargain
to get a grind on oneto get a grip on oneselfto get a grip on sth.
to get a jabto get a lawyerto get a lift from sb.
to get a raw dealto get a report into the paperto get a rough treatment from
to get a rulingto get a shockto get a sunburn
to get a tanto get a touch of the jittersto get a two-month sentence
to get aboutto get above oneselfto get abusive
to get accustomed (to)to get accustomed to sth.to get acquainted with
to get aheadto get ahold of so.to get airborne
to get alongto get along very wellto get along with
to get an alarm callto get an attorneyto get an expert opinion
to get angryto get angryto get annoyed (at)
to get aroundto get awayto get away
to get away with murderto get backto get back
to get backto get backto get back to business as usu
to get bedsoreto get brokento get broken
to get byto get by (with money)to get by (with)
to get by underhand meansto get carried awayto get caught
to get caughtto get creditto get damaged
to get dirtyto get doneto get down
to get downto get down to brass tacksto get down to business
to get dressedto get drunkto get dusty
to get enmeshed in sth.to get entangledto get enthusiastic about sth.
to get exasperated with sb.to get excitedto get exercise
to get fluto get footsoreto get fresh with sb.
to get furtherto get goingto get going again
to get goingto get goose pimplesto get guilted out
to get high onto get hold ofto get hold of the wrong end o
to get hold of the wrong end oto get homesicknessto get hoofed out of ...
to get hopelessly lostto get hurtto get in
to get in a bad stateto get in a fuddleto get in a huff
to get in additionto get in contactto get in the lead
to get in touch withto get in touch with sb.to get in trouble
to get into get indignant about sth.to get into (real) trouble
to get into a conflictto get into a dialogue with sbto get into a mess
to get into a rutto get into a rutto get into a scrape
to get into a stateto get into a stewto get into a tizzy
to get into bedto get into dangerto get into deep doo-doo
to get into difficultyto get into disorderto get into trouble
to get into troubleto get involved (in)to get irritating
to get it in the neckto get it on with sb.to get jammed
to get knocked upto get laidto get life
to get lividto get lostto get lost
to get lost in the crowdto get lost in the shuffleto get married
to get married in a registry oto get mixed upto get mouldy
to get muddledto get my wind backto get off
to get offto get offto get off
to get off scot-freeto get off the starting blocksto get off the subject
to get off to a bad startto get off with sb.to get older
to get onto get on (with)to get on horseback
to get on like a house of fireto get on splendidlyto get on the gravy train
to get on the wrong trackto get on with peopleto get one down oneself
to get oneself psyched upto get oneself talked aboutto get open
to get outto get out of a tight spotto get out of hand
to get out of handto get out of placeto get out of step
to get out of timeto get out of trouble
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