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to get outto get outpatient treatmentto get over
to get paired offto get piercedto get pinned
to get promotionto get readyto get ready to
to get ready to do sth.to get really angryto get religion
to get rich (on)to get rich at the expense of to get rid (of sth.
to get riledto get roughto get round to
to get ruinedto get sb. goingto get sb. in the (right) mood
to get sb. interested in sth.to get sb. into trouble withto get sb. off the hook
to get sb. out of troubleto get sb. sth.to get sb. talked about
to get sb. to join oneto get sb. to speakto get scalped tickets
to get shirty with sb.to get shutto get sidetracked
to get smart with sb.to get smartto get snowed in
to get some kipto get somewhere with sth.to get steamed
to get sth. caughtto get sth. in repairto get sth. in the bag
to get sth. over and done withto get sth. readyto get sth. wrong
to get sth.to get stuckto get stuck
to get stuck into sth.to get stuckto get sunburn
to get the better of sb.to get the birdto get the blame
to get the bootto get the buck passedto get the children back home
to get the chopto get the house shipshapeto get the picture
to get the pushto get the sackto get the stick
to get the truthto get thereto get through
to get throughto get through the customsto get through the winter
to get ticked offto get toto get to grips with sb.
to get to grips with sth.to get to know sth.to get to the bottom of things
to get to the heart of sth.to get to work on sth.to get together
to get togetherto get upto get up (early) with the chi
to get up close and personal wto get up on the wrong side ofto get up
to get used toto get used to each otherto get weaving
to get wind ofto get wise on sth.to get worked up about sth.
to get worseto getto get
to getto getto get
to getawayto ghostto gib
to gibberto gibbetto gibe
to gibeto gibeto gift-wrap
to giggleto gild the lilyto gild
to ginger sb. upto girdto gird
to girdto girdleto girdle
to giveto giveto give (sb.) an identity
to give a baby the breastto give a broad hintto give a charming smile
to give a competitive edgeto give a concert a missto give a false colour
to give a fillip to the economto give a guaranteeto give a hand to sb.
to give a jerkto give a lectureto give a lippy answer
to give a professional opinionto give a quick thanksto give a reason
to give a receptionto give a rulingto give a short woof
to give a shrugto give a slight joltto give a speech
to give a start ofto give a strong impetusto give a suspended sentence
to give a talkto give a twitchto give a wash
to give a yelpto give advice (on)to give an account of
to give an idea ofto give an informationto give an insight into sth.
to give authorizationto give awayto give away
to give awayto give backto give battle
to give beansto give cause for sth.to give credit
to give credit (to)to give currency to a rumourto give details of
to give documentary evidenceto give emeritus statusto give extra lessons
to give for charityto give further treatmentto give head
to give hopeto give into give it a whirl
to give laterto give leaveto give lessons
to give no answerto give notice (to quit)to give notice of opposition
to give occasion toto give off a smellto give off sooty smoke
to give on tick (to)to give one the go-byto give oneself Dutch courage
to give oneself upto give oneself up to sb.to give oneself up to sth.
to give oneself up to the polito give out private gossipto give out
to give painto give permission to do sth.to give pleasure
to give power of attorneyto give precedence toTo give quickly is to give dou
to give reasons forto give sb. a (big) cheerto give sb. a chance to get ev
to give sb. a chewing outto give sb. a complete makeove
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