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to go to the movies (pictures)to go to the other extremeto go to the polls
to go to the post officeto go to the theatreto go to the window
to go to townto go to vespersto go to war
to go to wasteto go toto go together
to go undergroundto go unheardto go up
to go upto go up countryto go up in flames
to go up in smoketo go up the hillto go up
to go upstairsto go upwardsto go walkies
to go wellto go wellto go well
to go westto go westto go wild
to go window-shoppingto go withto go wrong
to go wrongto go yellowto go
to goadto goad each otherto gobble
to gobbleto goggleto goggle
to goggleto goggle at sth.to golf
to goofto goofto goof around
to goof offto goof off sth.-sb.to goof up
to gopherto gopherto gore
to gormandizeto gossipto gouge
to governto governto govern
to governto gownto grab
to grabto grab (at)to grab sb. by the hair
to graceto grace (with)to grace against
to gradateto gradeto grade
to gradeto grade shoesto graduate
to graduateto graduateto graft
to grainto grainto grain coarsely
to grantto grantto grant
to grant a claimto grant a licenceto grant a loan
to grant a loanto grant a patentto grant a price deduction
to grant a requestto grant permissionto grant sb. a loan
to grant sb. a patent for sth.to grant sb. the right to do sto grant to
to granulateto granulateto grapple
to grapple for sth.to grapple withto grapple with a problem
to grapple with sb.to graspto grasp
to grasp at nothingto grasp at strawsto grasp at
to grasp the nettle of sth.to grass on sb.to grass
to grateto grateto grate
to grateto grateto grate (on sb.)
to gratifyto gratifyto gratify oneself
to gratinateto graveto gravel
to gravelto gravitateto gravitate (to
to gravitate (toto gravitate to sth.to graze
to grazeto grazeto grease
to greaseto greetto greet
to greet sb.to greet with smilesto grey out
to grieveto grieveto grieve
to grieve (over)to grill sb.to grill sb. about
to grillto grimaceto grimp
to grinto grin and bear itto grin at
to grin like a Cheshire catto grin like a demonto grin with pleasure
to grind teethto grindto grind
to grindto grindto grip
to gripto grip sb. by the throatto gripe
to gripe at sb.to gritto grizzle
to groan (withto grogto grok
to groomto groom (a horse)to groom oneself
to groom sb. for a careerto grooveto groove
to grooveto grooveto groove
to gropeto gropeto gross sb. out
to grouchto grouchto ground
to groundto groundto ground
to ground (on)to groupto group together
to grouseto groutto grovel
to grow againto grow exuberantlyto grow flowers
to grow in popularityto grow intoto grow into a habit
to grow like sb.to grow lonely
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