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to loosento loosen the reinsto loot
to lopto lop offto lope
to lord it over sb.to lose (money) through speculto lose a game
to lose control of oneselfto lose control of-over sth.to lose courage
to lose its shineto lose the beatto lose the rhythm
to lose the threadto lose track (of)to lose weight
to lose weightto loungeto lounge around
to lounge backto lourto louse
to loveto love to distractionto lower
to lowerto lowerto lower a boat
to lower the bank rateto lower the discount rateto lower the interest rate
to lowerto lowerto lower
to lubricateto luffto luff
to lugto lug a heavy case aroundto lug in
to lullto lull to sleepto lullaby
to lumberto lumberto lumber
to lumber (up)to luminesceto lump
to lumpto lump itto lump them all together
to lump togetherto lump togetherto lunge (at)
to lurchto lureto lure
to lure (into)to lure sb. into a trapto lurk around
to lurkto lustrateto lute
to luxateto luxuriateto lynch
to lyophilisateto macadamizeto macadamize
to macerateto macerateto macerate
to macerateto machinateto machine
to machine-gunto maculateto madden
to maffickto magnetizeto magnify
to mail a letterto maimto mainline
to maintainto maintain some semblance of to maintain the course
to maintainto maintainto maintain
to major in ...to major in German studiesto make
to make (profit)to make a (new) life for oneseto make a bad (initial) impres
to make a bedto make a bee-lineto make a bet
to make a bloomerto make a bogeyman out ofto make a bolt for
to make a bullto make a call onto make a career change
to make a clean sweep ofto make a comment to the effecto make a complaint
to make a complaint (about)to make a compromiseto make a confirmed reservatio
to make a contractto make a courtesy call on sb.to make a critical study of st
to make a decisionto make a declaration of intento make a defeaning noise
to make a detourto make a diagnosisto make a diagnosis
to make a dinto make a draft onto make a draft on
to make a findto make a findto make a fool of oneself
to make a fool of oneselfto make a fortuneto make a fuss about
to make a gestureto make a good (initial) impreto make a good bargain
to make a good dealto make a good job of itto make a good save
to make a good timeto make a graceful exitto make a great song and dance
to make a grimaceto make a joke of sth.to make a journey
to make a killingto make a killingto make a leg
to make a long story shortto make a lot of fuss (about)to make a lot of noise about s
to make a messto make a messto make a mint (of money)
to make a mistaketo make a mistaketo make a mistake
to make a motionto make a mountain out of a moto make a neat copy
to make a niche for oneselfto make a noiseto make a noise in the world
to make a note ofto make a note of sth. in the to make a pass at sb.
to make a passto make a patternto make a perfect team
to make a phone callto make a pileto make a racket
to make a recordto make a remark (atto make a report
to make a requestto make a requestto make a reserve for bad debt
to make a resolve to do sth.to make a rough guess on sth.to make a row
to make a rowto make a run on the shopsto make a sales presentation
to make a sallyto make a scathing attack on sto make a show of
to make a slipto make a slip (of the tongue)to make a slip of the pen
to make a solidarity contributto make a speech onto make a start on sth.
to make a statementto make a statement on sth.to make a statement to the pre
to make a statementto make a substitutionto make a suggestion
to make a suggestion to sb.to make a tack towards land
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