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to melt awayto melt awayto melt down
to melt downto melt in tearsto melt off
to melt togetherto meltto melt
to meltto meltto melt
to meltbackto memorizeto memorize
to memorizeto menaceto menace (with)
to mendto mendto mend
to mendto mendto mend a puncture
to menstruateto mentionto mention briefly
to mercerizeto mergeto merge
to mergeto merge (in)to merge (in)
to merge (into)to merge (into)to merge (into)
to merge (with)to merge into sth.to merit
to meshto meshto mesh
to meshto mesmerizeto mess around
to mess aroundto mess upto mess
to messageto metabolizeto metallize
to metamorphoseto metastasizeto mete out
to mete out to sb.to meterto meter
to mewto mewlto miaow
to micronizeto microwaveto miff
to migrateto migrateto mildew
to militarizeto militateto milk
to milkto millto mill
to millto mill offto mime
to mimeographto mimicto mimic
to minceto minceto mince
to minceto mindto mine
to mine (an area)to mineto mine
to mineto mineralizeto mineralize
to mingleto miniaturizeto minimize
to ministerto minister to sb.to minor in
to minuteto minuteto mire
to mirrorto misapplyto misapprehend
to misappropriateto misbecometo misbehave
to miscalculateto miscalculateto miscall
to miscarryto miscarryto miscarry
to miscastto misconceiveto misconduct
to misconstrueto miscountto misdate
to misdealto misdemeanto misdemean oneself on
to misdirectto misdoto misfile
to misfireto misgovernto misguide
to misguideto mishandleto mishear
to mishearto misinformto misinform
to misinterpretto misinterpretto misinterpret sth.
to misjudgeto mislayto mislead the public
to misleadto misleadto mismanage
to mismatchto mismatchto mismatch
to misnameto misplaceto misplay
to misprintto mispronounceto mispunch
to misquoteto misreadto misrepresent
to misrouteto misruleto miss
to missto missto miss a penalty
to miss an opportunityto miss outto miss the goal
to miss the markto miss the pointto miss the train
to missendto misspeak (oneself)to misspell
to misspendto misstateto mist
to mistaketo mistaketo mistake
to mistreatto mistypeto misunderstand
to misuseto misuse sth.to miter
to mitherto mitigateto mitigate
to mitigate damagesto mixto mix (mortar)
to mix into mix into mix thoroughly
to mix upto mix upto moan (with)
to moan with pleasureto moanto moat
to mobto mobto mob
to mobilizeto mock
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