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You are dear to me.you are descended fromyou are drowned
You are entitled to it.You are free to go.you are frightened
you are good foryou are interested inyou are mistaken
you are qualifiedYou are reminded that ...You are requested not to smoke
You are requested to ...You are sexy.you are subject to
You are telling me!You are very pretty.You asked for a book, so read
you bakeyou bearyou become
You begrudge me the shirt on mYou better go home.you blow
you break offyou burstYou can bet your bottom dollar
You can bet your life on it!You can bet your life on it.You can buy it across the coun
You can buy the lease for a peYou can count me out!You can count on me.
You can count on that.You can damn well do it yourseYou can do what you want if yo
You can hear everything througYou can meet me there tomorrowYou can please yourself about
You can put that idea right ouYou can see them in many placeYou can take it from me.
You can talk.You cannot rely on her.you carry
You carry things too far.you castyou catch
You certainly ...you damageyou denied yourself
you deny yourselfyou dieyou drive
you fallyou fryyou give
you give wayYou go, girl!you grow
You had better go now.You had better go!You have a skeleton in your cl
You have another thing coming You have been mentioned to us You have been remiss in your d
You have no case there.You have no right-business to You have no say in the matter.
You have to break an egg to maYou have to get the boss to okYou have to make up your mind.
You have to OK it with the bosYou have to show your colours.you have to
You hear every sound in this hyou helpyou hold
You jest, sir!you knowyou know ...
You know all the answers.You know as much about it as tYou know as much about it as t
You lack confidence.you learnyou live
you liveyou loadYou look dishevelled.
You look good.You look ill.You look like death.
You look well.You made a mistake.You make it difficult for me t
You make me sick!You may as well own up.you measure
you meetYou might as well ...You must apologize.
You must be joking!You must be kidding!You must be out of your mind.
You must finish what you startYou must give him encouragemenYou must handle him with kid g
You must look after yourself.You must never forget that.You must not go there.
You must surely know that ...You must take that into accounYou never can tell.
You never know how things turnYou never know.you order
you ought toYou ought to be ashamed of youYou ought to have known better
You ought to have seen his facyou pouryou read
You rotter!you rub with ointmentYou said it yourself.
You saved my life.you scoldyou see
You see!You seem to have forgotten thaYou should also take that into
You should be loaded (wealthy)You should chew your food propYou should come see us once in
You should do that.You should have seen it!You should know ...
you sityou sleepyou steal
you strikeYou sure pulled a boner.You take the point.
you throwyou thrustyou want
you wantyou washyou weakened
You were mistakenly sent the wYou wont do anything of the soYou would think that ...
youngyoung adultsyoung age
young at heartyoung businessmanyoung businessmen
young camelyoung camelsyoung hare
young ladies of good backgrounyoung ladyyoung male prostitute
young male prostitutesyoung oneyoung pig
young pigyoung pigsyoung rowdies
young salted herringyoung shootyoung socialist
young stageyoung stockyoung talent
young voteryounger (than)youngest
youngest but oneyoungishyoungling
yourYour ad caught my attention.Your behaviour appalls me!
Your chances are small.Your day may come.Your days are numbered.
your equalsYour help is beyond price.Your help is greatly appreciat
Your LadyshipYour message was sent.
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