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Translation of the word: cultural

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  english    german
  kulturell {adj}
  cultural administration
  Kulturmanagement {n}
  cultural agreement
       cultural treaty
       cultural convention
  Kulturabkommen {n}
  cultural and educational policy
  Kulturpolitik {f} [pol.]
  cultural anthropologist
  Kulturanthropologe {m}
       Kulturanthropologin {f}
  cultural anthropologists
  Kulturanthropologen {pl}
       Kulturanthropologinnen {pl}
  cultural backwater
  Krähwinkel {m} [pej.]
  cultural barriers
  kulturelle Grenzen
  cultural capital
  Kulturhauptstadt {f}
  cultural capitals
  Kulturhauptstädte {pl}
  cultural change
  Kulturwandel {m}
  cultural exchange
  Kulturaustausch {m}
  cultural experience
  Kulturerlebnis {n}
  cultural experiences
  Kulturerlebnisse {pl}
  cultural heritage
  Kulturerbe {n}
  cultural history
  Kulturgeschichte {f}
  cultural institution
  Kultureinrichtung {f}
  cultural institutions
  Kultureinrichtungen {pl}
  cultural landscape
       land developed and cultivated by man
  Kulturlandschaft {f}
  cultural object
  Kulturobjekt {n}
  cultural objects
  Kulturobjekte {pl}
  cultural office
  Kulturamt {n}
  cultural possessions
  Kulturgüter {pl}
  cultural possessions {pl}
  Kulturgut {n}
  cultural revolution
  Kulturrevolution {f} [hist.]
  cultural scene
  Kulturszene {f}
  cultural studies
  Kulturwissenschaften {pl}
  cultural values
  kulturelle Werte
  kulturell {adv}
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